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    Did you see our 31 January 2019 announcement about the new lite plan and Frankfurt region for the MQ service? If not, here's the announcement:

    Lite plan
    To enable you to get hands-on with the MQ service in a quicker and easier way, we are proud to introduce our new MQ Lite plan. The Lite plan enables you to try the service without having to add your credit card details to the account. It is perpetually free for usage up to 1,000 messages per calendar month so you can use it for as long as you need!

    To get started, head over to the MQ service and provision an instance of the MQ Lite plan. After your service instance is provisioned, you can deploy your free Lite queue manager by clicking the Create button as normal.

    The current ability to create Trial queue managers as part of the Default plan or Custom Enterprise plan will be turned off in a few weeks. However, you can provision a Lite queue manager at any time. Existing Trial queue managers will remain active as normal until they reach the 30-day expiration date.

    New IBM Cloud Platform - Frankfurt region
    As you know, we like to talk about MQ being everywhere your applications need it. You might remember that we announced our new deployment in the IBM Cloud Public - Sydney region last September. We are happy to announce the availability of the service in Frankfurt, Germany.

    We are always looking out for our customers and their data. With Brexit around the corner, we understand that European Union customers do not want their data held outside of the European Union when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. With the new deployment location in Frankfurt on our list of locations for MQ as a managed service on IBM Cloud, your data will remain within the European Union. It is important to us that our customers know that their data is safe and available when and where they want it at all times.

    This information originated in the Introducing the MQ on Cloud Lite Plan and Frankfurt Region article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.